The Village Community Acupuncture provides high quality acupuncture treatments at affordable rates in a supportive community setting. The soothing atmosphere of our space exists because our patients create it by relaxing together. We appreciate every-one's presence! This kind of collective stillness is a rare and precious thing in our rushed and busy society.

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Community Acupuncture

Learn what makes community acupuncture so great.  Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about acupuncture.


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Our Team

We respect your health.  Our acupuncture team is here to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

The Village

Welcome to our village.

We are 2 local entrepreneurs, moms, acupuncturists and we are following our dream. We have set our sights on creating a space that feels like you are coming home. We are in constant admiration of the rich community spirit in this area and feel blessed to be a part of it. We believe that  helping  individuals feel better is a small but important piece of the larger work of collective healing here at The Village Community Acupuncture. Because we are all experts of our own experience, we approach our work from a body-positive, self-nurturing and gender-inclusive place. We welcome you to our community space with an open heart to meet you where you are in your healing journey.

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